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The story of Hut^Flex

Resilience and Expansion: The Ukrainian Way of Doing Business

Once upon a time, back in 2018, our journey began with a simple yet ambitious goal: To bring the dynamic world of stretch tents to the Ostrov festival in Odessa. Our first commercial project was a resounding success, not only in sales but also in the realization that these innovative structures had untapped potential beyond the festival.
This early achievement sparked an idea. Why not fabricate our own tents? And so, for our next venture, the renowned Palaсe of Culture "Kurenivka" project, we took the bold step of buying the fabric and crafting the tents ourselves.
The pivotal moment, the real litmus test for us, came in 2019. We were commissioned to create three large-scale tents for the Rytm Buro festival. We rose to the challenge, but in doing so, we quickly realized that subcontracting production wasn't our path forward. We dreamed bigger.
In 2020, we took our most daring leap yet. We invested in specialized equipment and established our production facility in the heart of Bila Tserkva city. Our dreams were becoming a reality.
But as with any epic tale, there were trials to overcome. The onset of the global COVID pandemic in 2020 momentarily froze our progress. Then, the full-scale russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2022 presented yet another challenge. But we didn't falter. Instead, we adapted, continued to accept and fulfill orders, and prepared for the future.
Our resilience paid off. Today, not only have we survived, but we've also embarked on an exciting new chapter: international expansion. Our story now extends beyond Ukraine, reaching into Europe and the United States.
Our journey is a testament to our dedication and resilience. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative, high-quality stretch tents to customers worldwide, making each event a unique, unforgettable experience.



Our History

 We went 10 years from an idea to stable production.



Saw stretch tents for the first time at Burning Man


Imported the first tent

We received our first order for two tents for the Festival "Оstrov".


We made the first tent in Ukraine

For the first time we made tents in Ukraine for rental business


Exported tents to the U.S. for the first time

We tailored and shipped tents to the U.S. despite the widespread war in Ukraine.

Mission and Values

We are perfectionists as event organizers, we are perfectionists as a production team, we are perfectionists as manufacturers. As event organizers we always focus on making our guests comfortable, atmospheric and safe. As event organizers we know how difficult it is to rely on good weather. Stretch tents have become our salvation. They will always protect us from the weather, they always create a cozy and atmospheric festival vibe, they are very fast to install, they are inexpensive.Our mission is to make guests feel good, beautiful and atmospheric not for all the money in the world.

How We Started

Classic - we solved our pain. Many of our team members are DJs and party organizers. We were always looking for solutions to make outdoor raves more comfortable for guests, protected from the weather, and visually beautiful. When we first got to Burning Man in 2013, we saw African stretch tents. It was one love. When we returned to Ukraine, we started looking for opportunities to buy and import such a tent in Ukraine. In the end, we came up with our own production. 



We work with almost all types of events and all business sizes. In our experience, stretch tents are best suited for these niches.

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For weddings, we offer tents in white. We only provide these tents for sale and do not rent them out. The main reason is that white tents are very markable and need to be washed after each event, so we offer these tents to professional wedding agencies. Also, these tents are suitable for permanent or seasonal installation.

A dressy wedding look Ability to cover a large space Brides love it.

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Beach Party

For beach parties, stretch tents are perfect. Moreover, they are impossible because of the scorching daytime sun. Stretch tents can withstand storm gusts of wind and can be set up safely on the coast. They are considerably more stable and safer than rigid frame structures.

Resistant to storm winds Perfectly installed on sand 100% UV and heat protection

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Retreat area

The mobility of tents allows them to be brought to any remote location, such as high in the mountains.
The exterior appearance is conducive to the design and arrangement of a yoga or meditation practice.

Mobile and lightweight design Suitable for decorating Suitable for installation in mountains

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Rave Party

We know that stretch tents and raves are made for each other. Just show this surface to your lighting engineer and you'll see why he'll fall in love with this tent.

Perfect for a light show Allows the acoustics to sound better Can be customized to any style

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We cooperate with several festivals in Ukraine, all of which are our regular customers. We have the most experience of using our tents at festivals. We have covered sound equipment, DJ places, the entire dance floor, and bars and lounge spaces.

Dancefloors covering Bars, Foodcourts, and Lounge covering Light and sound covering

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Stage cover

Stretch tents are also suitable for stage design. They can be used inexpensively to cover the stage, ideal for saving money and logistical costs.

Mobile and cost-effective solution Great for unusual stage design Does not require a stage frame

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Burning Man

Everything is clear here. Tents designed for the desert are perfect for Burning Man. Ideal because you can cover large areas, suitable in appearance, and it is ideal for stormy conditions. In general, all Burners know about their convenience.

Can be installed by non-professionals Modular structure allows you to make a cover of any size Not expensive

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Stretch tents are well suited to cover terraces. The big advantage is that we can sew a patio cover of any size. We have tested the awning in four seasons, and it has proven to be excellent protection from sun, rain, and snow for our client's guests.

Cost savings Four Seasons Proofed Modern Look


Leadership Team

These guys will do their best to produce and deliver your tents worldwide.


Yaroslav Korets


10 years of experience


Serhiy Los

Commercial Director

2 years of experience


Serhiy Huhrianskiy

Production director

7 years of experience