Introducing hut^flex One: Your Compact Yet Spacious Shelter Solution

Experience Versatility and Ease with our 21x21 Feet Tent Designed for Adventures of Any Scale


Introducing hut^flex One, the epitome of versatility and convenience in outdoor shelter solutions. Measuring spacious 21x21 feet, this professional tent marries compact design with impressive resilience, creating an outdoor space that is as adaptable as it is durable.
Despite its size, the hut^flex One is refreshingly lightweight and impressively portable. Engineered for easy assembly, it can be transported and erected by a single person. This makes it perfect for all occasions, from spontaneous beach outings to carefully planned festival weekends.
But don't be fooled by its nimble construction - the hut^flex One doesn't compromise on quality or resilience. Echoing the signature features of our larger models, this tent provides robust protection in all weather. Its robust, weatherproof fabric guards against rain, offers shade from the sun and stands firm in high winds.
Whether it's an intimate backyard gathering, an adventurous outdoor exploration, or a vibrant festival participation, the hut^flex One is designed to adapt to many scenarios. Versatile, dependable, and portable - everything you'd want in a tent, made even better with our commitment to quality. Experience the freedom of the outdoors with the comfort of hut^flex One.


All-Inclusive Tent Package: Simplify Your Outdoor Setup


Tent Canvas from stretch fabric

This 600 gsm double-sided PU-coated fabric offers exceptional performance and protection. It features 4-way stretch, making installation easy and ensuring a perfect fit. With flame retardant, anti-UV, and waterproof properties, this fabric provides reliable durability and protection against the elements. Enjoy the outdoors confidently, knowing you have a top-quality material designed for comfort and peace of mind.


Technical carpet pad under the tent

The package includes a technical carpet pad designed to protect your tent during installation and dismantling. This lightweight and smooth material serves as a base, allowing for more effortless tent movement. Placing the tent on the carpet pad can prevent any potential staining or damage, ensuring a clean and hassle-free setup and takedown process. Experience convenience and peace of mind with our specially designed carpet pad for your Hut^Flex One tent.


Twisting Aluminum poles 

The kit includes four 5-foot aluminum poles and four 3-foot aluminum poles. These poles are designed to twist and lock together, allowing you to create two 10-foot- and 6-foot poles. Made from high-quality aluminum with a diameter of 2 inches and a thickness of 0.08 inches, these poles offer exceptional strength and durability while remaining lightweight. Their clever twist-lock mechanism makes assembling and adjusting the poles a breeze. 


Eyebolts nuts

The kit also includes eyebolt nuts that provide convenient attachment points for securing the ties to the aluminum poles. These nuts are designed to allow easy installation and ensure a secure connection between the poles and the tent. With these eyebolt nuts, you can confidently fasten the ties to the aluminum posts, providing stability and peace of mind during setup and use of the Hut^Flex One tent.


Tie-down straps

Included in the package are specially designed tie-down straps, known as tees. They have three connection points with the tent, ensuring a secure and reliable fastening. Additionally, the tees feature an adjustable sling, allowing you to adjust the tension. This ensures a taut and stable setup, regardless of the terrain or conditions.
The tees are crafted in the color of the tent, providing a seamless and cohesive aesthetic. The tees are designed with reflective stitching to enhance safety during nighttime use. 


Ground platform

The package includes a specially designed ground platform for attaching the tie-down straps. This platform is constructed from durable heavy metal, providing a sturdy and reliable anchor point for securing the tent to the ground. With this platform, you can easily attach the tie-down straps and adjust the tension as needed, ensuring a secure and stable installation. The robust construction of the platform ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging outdoor conditions.


Ground anchors

The tent package also includes ground anchors, which are essential for securing the tent to various types of ground. These anchors are constructed from sturdy 0.6-inch thick, hardened metal and have been galvanized to resist corrosion. With these anchors, you can confidently drive them into any ground surface, including soil or even asphalt, without the risk of bending or breaking. Their robust design ensures reliable and long-lasting performance. Each anchor has a length of 20 inches, providing a solid grip to keep your tent securely in place.



And of course, the tent package includes specially designed bags to store and carry all the components of the tent. These bags are designed for convenience, allowing you to store and transport the tent components separately or as a whole. The dimensions of the total bag are approximately 59 inches (length) x 20 inches (width) x 10 inches (height), and it weighs approximately 115 pounds. These bags ensure easy handling and transportation of the tent, making it convenient for storage and travel.

Modular Flexibility: Build Your Ideal Tent Size

Experience the ultimate flexibility with our Hut^Flex One tents. Designed with modularity in mind, these tents can be easily combined to create your ideal tent size. Whether you need a cozy 21x21 foot tent or want to expand to a spacious 21x42 foot setup, our Hut^Flex One tents have got you covered.


With their innovative design, you can seamlessly connect two tents to form a larger structure. Attach them side by side, and voila! You have a custom-sized tent tailored to your needs. This modular capability allows you to adapt your tent set up for different events or group sizes.
Imagine creating a sprawling campsite or a grand outdoor venue using multiple Hut^Flex One tents. The versatile modularity allows you to be creative and customize your space, providing endless opportunities for creating memorable experiences.


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