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Premium waterproof marquee hire for parties, weddings, festivals, and events at the best prices in California.


Why hire a stretch tent marquee for your next event?

  • Versatility and Flexibility

    Stretch tent marquees are your go-to solution for transforming any outdoor space into an inviting environment for events ranging from intimate garden parties and lavish weddings to large music festivals. Their unmatched flexibility ensures adaptability to various terrains- soft, rugged, level, or uneven grounds.

  • Weather Adaptability

    Our stretch tents are designed to stand against diverse weather conditions. They are waterproof and can protect from the sun and wind. They are a sanctuary during cold, wet seasons, with options for heating and walling to ensure your guests’ comfort. On hot summer days, the tents can be fully opened for optimal ventilation, offering a refreshing, cool space. 

  • Customized for Every Event

    Each stretch tent marquee setup is distinct, mirroring the uniqueness of every event and location. We offer tailored solutions, presenting a plethora of choices in flooring, furniture, lighting, layouts, and even fabric colors, ensuring your event aesthetics are as unique as your celebration.

  • Economical Option

    Hiring a stretch tent is cost-effective, offering the elegance and functionality of a permanent structure at a fraction of the cost. It’s economical for one-time events or occasional use, ensuring you have a stylish, functional space without the hefty investment.

  • Purchase Options

    Owning a stretch tent might be a viable option for regular marquee users, especially venues, restaurants, or event organizers. We offer a range of purchasing options, including standard and bespoke sizes, full custom fittings, and branding to reflect your identity.

Types of Events Best Suited for Stretch Tent Marquees

Personalize Your Special Moments: Why Stretch Tents Are Ideal for Private Events and Celebrations


Family celebrations

Engagement parties

Patio parties

Artboard 1

Anniversary parties

Birthday parties

Children’s parties


Adaptable Elegance: How Stretch Tents Complement Corporate and Entertainment Events

05 Food Festival

Food and drink festivals

Music & Instrument Vol.2

Music festivals

Corporate events

Local fairs

icon pio


Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés


Sporting events

Miscellaneous 25 final

Staff parties


The Modular Advantage

Our stretch tents are not just remarkable for their elegance but are also celebrated for their modularity. This adaptability is illustrated in the photo above, showcasing two seamlessly connected tents. This modular design ensures that no event is too grand no space too extensive, for our adaptable stretch tents to provide the perfect cover elegantly.

How to Choose the Right Tent Size for Your Event

Wondering how many guests can be accommodated in a stretch tent? The answer lies in a blend of factors, each influenced by the event’s nature. Allotting 5 to 10 ft² per guest for stand-up receptions offers ample space for comfort and movement. However, for events requiring seating, entertainment setups, dance floors, or stages, the space allocation adjusts to accommodate these elements.
Every setup is distinct in the context of weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings. Our team is adept at providing detailed capacity guides and illustrative floor plans, ensuring that every inch of the space is optimized for guest comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functional utility.

Enhancing Event Aesthetics with Style and Color


Our stretch tents are as diverse in color as they are in style, offering tailored solutions for every event. The classic beige/chino is a versatile choice, effortlessly complementing any theme, while our pristine white tents are a wedding favorite, epitomizing elegance and purity. Corporate clients can explore our custom color options, ensuring brand consistency during outdoor events. The choice of aluminum, wood, or bamboo poles further allows customization, each material offering a unique aesthetic appeal to match the atmosphere of your occasion. Every tent is designed to be a shelter and a significant element of the event’s aesthetic, ensuring each gathering is covered and adorned with personalized elegance.

Efficient Set-Up and Tear-Down for Seamless Events

Quick and Efficient: Transforming Spaces in Record Time



We pride ourselves on efficiency and precision, ensuring that the installation is swift yet meticulous. For large tents spanning 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, our skilled team completes the setup within 2-3 hours. The modularity of our approach allows us to simultaneously install multiple tents by scaling our team of professional installers accordingly.



Tear-down is even more efficient, typically taking half the time of the setup. This swift process makes our tents an excellent choice for one-day events. We can arrive at the event location at dawn, ensuring that the tent is expertly erected and ready before other setup teams step in for stage preparations, furnishing, or other arrangements. With us, every second counts, and we're dedicated to ensuring that your event unfolds seamlessly, with every detail falling perfectly into place.

Our Service Reach

Our primary warehouse is in the heart of Los Angeles, a strategic location that allows us to respond promptly to our local clients. However, our love for celebration knows no bounds, and neither does our service area. We are passionate about bringing the elegance and charm of our stretch tents to events across California. No destination within the state is too far; we are always ready to travel to adorn your special occasions, ensuring every event is graced with style, regardless of the location.


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