Hut^Flex 75 rigging+
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Hut^Flex 75 rigging+ (SA75100L)

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Introducing the Hut^Flex 75 Rigging+: The Ultimate Modular Stretch Tent for Your Events!

The Hut^Flex 75 Rigging+ is our most popular base model, designed to cater to a wide range of events and gatherings. With its size of 25x33 feet (7.5x10 meters) it strikes the perfect balance between versatility and capacity.

Ideal for Small Stages and Intimate Gatherings:
Our experience has led us to craft this size, providing ample space for small stages or hosting intimate events. It comfortably accommodates 30-40 people in theater seating mode and offers sufficient coverage for catering areas or small food courts.

Weather Protection and Expandability:
Don't be fooled by its size; the Hut^Flex 75 Rigging+ provides the same reliable weather protection as larger tents. Moreover, its modular design allows easy expansion in the future. Two tents measuring 25x33 feet can seamlessly combine into a single 50x33 feet tent, ensuring adaptability as your needs grow.

Included Components:
- Stretch tent canvas 25x33' x 1
- Ground tarp 29x27' x 1
- Eye nut M8 x 20
- Rod M8 x 10
- Tri-Connect Straps 16' x 6
- Two-Connect Corner Straps 16' x 8
- Storm Strap 59' x 1
- Anchoring Platform x 16

Discover the limitless possibilities with the Hut^Flex 75 Rigging+, designed to elevate your events and create memorable experiences. Unleash your creativity with this highly modular and adaptable stretch tent.

Experience the Hut^Flex difference today!